The Art of Weaving

Ana Felicia Villafania Villafania is the artisan, medicine family woman, weaver of the MOCHILA. A very special bag handmade in wool that carries the memory of her people. She is a mother of 7 children and the beautiful companion, partner of -Sūmmūmpawiūn – Bunkwaringekūn also known as Mamo Lorenzo Izquierdo.


Ana was born in Sogūromi, in the eastern zone of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta near the snow. For her, weaving is a spiritual experiential practice. She and her relatives take 48 days to weave a medium size mochila, 25 days to do a small one, and 90 to do a large one. 

“the mochila is done with intention, direction and a purpose of purification, of healing the spirits of all nature, including the ancestors, to harmonize and feed all spirits, including the ancestors” said Ana and Lorenzo

From my understanding and by listening to the stories of our elders, the bag represents the womb metaphorically speaking. This makes a lot of sense for me, because the bag is in the daily day what sustains, which is life just like the womb. Besides the shape and the common sense of this metaphor of the womb and the bag, the act of weaving is an act of creation just like the conception.

The wool comes from the Sierra, from a place called Chundua. First it is harvested, then cut, washed, softened, wool is spun with the spindle, it is prepare and spinning with thought and word. Every bag can last even 15 years. 



Ana and Mamo Lorenzo live in Colombia in Sasaima, Cundinamarca, Finca Pomarosal, Vereda Acuapal. There with their community and with their family, they hold gatherings and ceremonies for the awakening of humanity and the regeneration and protection of the territories.



For more information about the gatherings, retreats or the mochilas, you can write an email to

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