Welcome to the Planetary Family of Love!

We are a powerful interwoven Conscious Family from numerous transformative encounters & alternative movements whose philosophy shares a common interest in the Care for Life & Future of Planet Earth, acknowledging Ancestral Knowledge.

We generate programs that are the bio-systemic reference that strengthens the concrete relationships between people, projects & nature and that puts into practice a model of totally Responsible and Regenerative Life.


We are a project in continuous evolution initiated by a Visionary Generation of Holistic Managers, PermaCulturers, Artivists and Light Workers in general. A Generative, Supportive, Inter-Cultural Movement of Amazing Energy & Consciousness.

The Great Network of RansformerProjects is a collaborative, autonomous, decentralized, integral and borderless Bio Interdependence initiative that interweaves and reconnects diverse collective actions of numerous individuals, communities and non-profit organizations.


We contribute to strengthening existing efforts and joint action on issues of common interest through exchange, reflection, learning, entrepreneurship and action that permanently promotes the care and regeneration of life at local, regional and global levels.
We also generate a framework for action and meeting to develop intercultural dialogue for Good Living and harmony
with Natraleza.

We promote an Alternating, fair and sovereignExchange System that leads to conscious relationship and the release of resources for the benefit of life, community and nature.

We promote and facilitate the conscious trade of experiences, services and products that are in balance
with nature, promote integral sovereignty and preserve traditional and ancestral uses and customs.

Come! We will be!

We are a peaceful world community, composed of a diversity of human beings, who manifest conscious initiatives in different areas, with the power to easily articulate themselves.

We want to bring together people dedicated to the good of Life to support, strengthen and innovate, where natural resources, knowledge and technological advances are for the benefit of all in a fair and sustainable manner.

We choose the general interest over the particular and recognize the importance of living in harmony with each other and with the Universe.


We promote, facilitate and strengthen the articulation, exchange and innovation of all kinds of initiatives, aimed at "Care of Life."

Virtual platform

We generate diverse spaces of communication and collective co-creation to inter-connect existing efforts and joint action on issues of common interest through the development of a virtual and living platform of communication, networking, thought, exchange, reflection, learning and action that allows for the visibility and communication of all types of knowledge and initiatives at local, regional, national and global levels.

Mutual Benefit

To offer a system that allows the articulation, the interconnection and the cooperativism between people, groups and social initiatives without spirit of profit that develop ideas and actions directed to the good lifeof All the Living Beings .



We offer a social and virtual platform, which provides the tools and physical infrastructure necessary to Generate strategic alliances between the different actors in society and strengthen the articulation, cooperation and communication between the different people and organizations that make up the Network. to work as a Team for Life, for the Regeneration of the Territories, Their Memory and Ancestral Wisdom, and their Inhabitants and Heirs.

Cooperation & Communication

Toput at the service of the community in general a social and virtual platform, which provides the tools and the necessary infrastructure, to make visible what exists and to generate strategic alliances between the various initiatives.

To provide all the social and virtual tools necessary for the interaction, cooperation and communication between the different people and organizations in the Network.

We are all Stellar Seeds on this Earth!

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