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Central America to pioneer a regenerative financial ecosystem
April 13, 2021
Published by Gaia Union

Written by Franz Allmayer is proud to announce its partnership with SEEDS.

SEEDS is a pioneering financial ecosystem and conscious digital currency designed to empower humanity and regenerate ecosystems.

Integrity.Earth facilitates the convergence of regenerative society in a co-creative development process that respects a holistic understanding of our entanglement with life.

This partnership will catalyze the emergence of bioregional economies of abundance and will be central to the five-year plan to Resolve the Central American Migration Crisis through Regenerative Development.
Together, we will sustain a program of Regenerative Development through community empowerment, focused on restoring essential ecological corridors and addressing the systemic causes of the migration crisis. We are pioneering a transdisciplinary, whole-system approach that combines proven best-practice frameworks in ecological restoration with meeting the socio-economic needs of communities.

Central America, with high regenerative potential, offers a unique opportunity to effectively address a complex systemic failure that risks pushing millions of people to migrate from the Northern Triangle (Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras) and improve the resilience of Costa Rica and Panama through large-scale regenerative development.

Our path to restoring ecological balance in the region, while safeguarding the long-term livelihoods of communities, begins with the targeting of critical biological corridors over a five-year period, in which we aim to build capacity for broad impact, as outlined below:

Co-create regenerative economies with all stakeholders through multidisciplinary solutions that build resilience at the local level.

Improve community building and participation, especially the capacity of youth, through empowerment and education.

Incubate entrepreneurs, cooperatives and small businesses, including women and youth, establishing value chains for sustainable market opportunities.

Develop regenerative agriculture programs that optimize food production through land-use planning and the recovery of local agrobiodiversity, linked to local ancestral knowledge.

Develop models and frameworks for regenerative tourism.

Facilitate access to innovation technology for rural communities (e.g. sustainable energy production) that enables young people to take ownership of local development.

Safeguard and restore essentialbiological corridors that sustain biodiversity levels and build resilience to climate change.

We propose a far-reaching, long-termsolution that consolidates existing and emerging efforts in the region working for systemic integrity. This will open a path for effective replication and scale, allowing us all to converge around a life-sustaining wellbeing economy.

We are all part of this planet. We look forward to creating a sustainable planetary culture with you.

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