Gaia Union ConFederAtion

Global Inter-ComUnitarian Councils


Great Alliance of InterdepenDance & Autonomies

We are all One – One People – One hE@rtH – One Love

«When the earth has been ravaged and the animals are dying, a tribe of people from all races, creeds and colors will put their faith in deeds, not words, to make their land green again… » Native American Prophecy «

Gaia Union is a binding force which connects all Individual who are committed to personal and planetary Evolution, working together as one unified whole across the planet to create a positive global transformation.
Is not governed by a single individual or a particular philosophy or any especifc group organized in any way.

The main aim is to facilitate the unfolding of positive transformation by bringing together world renowned transformational leaders, scientists, philosophers, educators, etc., in order to facilitate conferences and symposiums around the world where people from all walks of life convene to learn, participate and take action…

for the betterment of our shared planet, Mother Earth, Gaia


What is the Situation?


 Are You Willing to Take SMALL STEPS Towards GREAT IMPACT?  IF SO,…


We have to understand that CoLaborAction Is Needed – THE EMERGENCE OF A NEW CIVILIZATION

A new civilization is possible when we start to UNDERSTAND the potential of our minds, the power of our voices,
the intelligence of our hearts and the convictions of our souls and ACT based on the guiding principles of CO-3
CO-Laboration, COoperation, COmpassion and Love and in accordance with the laws of nature (law of Origin).


We belief that within the human capacity is the POTENTIAL of each and every one of us to IMPACT and change
our current experience, TRANSFORM into a new civilization and UNLOCK our full innate capability
to heal from the wounds that we have inflicted on ourselves, others and the environment.



Our Mission is to Promote aN Ancestral Consciosness

Our Mission is to promote a new, global consciousness which sees our entire planet
as a living organism with Humankind as an integral part of the undivisible entity. 


What people  are threatened by globalisation and urbanisation and in need of modernisation. A local community should be no larger than that we may all know each other personally. Participatory democracy and an open decision structure are critical. We want more, not less democracy. A place where being a kid is fun – where children may roam all over, without fences, without danger from fast-moving vehicles; where they may learn from just being, watching and participating. Cars are parked on the periphery. It is a place where you are an active participant throughout your life. Less may here mean better quality.

The elderly are highly appreciated for their knowledge wisdom and love, the mature for their strength and experience, the young for their enthusiasm and new ideas, the children for fun, play and hope for the future. It is a place for four generations. Couples will have better chances here for unfolding relationships – no guilty conscience about leaving the kiddies with an extended family nearby. There will be time enough for love, and plenty of jobs in the vicinity. Divorces will be less frequent and less of a catastrophe for those involved.


Definiciones Conceptos Roles & Funciones

ConFederacion Gaia: Gran Cuerpo de Conscciencia Unificada. Red Familia Global
Somos Todas las Personas Proyectos y Organizaciones que quieran ser parte de la Red. Quien se siente parte de la Familia pero que no tiene un rol específico activo dentro de la Org ni una membresía oficial Pero tal vez está o estuvo activo en algún proyecto específico o participó de algún Encuentro de la Red.

Circulos de Vision: Asamleas abiertas a la participación de todos los Miembros, que son las personas de la Red que asistan al menos al 50% de las Asambleas o Quienes ejecuten Actividades y se acoplen a todos los Acuerdos Generales GHG.

Guardianes de Visión (Alma): Custodian el propósito original y esencial de la Red y sus diferentes Objetivos y tienen la  Autoridad para Mantener el rumbo acordado según la Visión y para tomar ciertas decisiones aprovadas por los Estatutos.

Cuerpo (Manos): CoLaboradores, Dinamizadores, dispuestos a Servir a un Proyecto u Holón.Son los encargados de llevar a cabo las acciones o gestiones necesarias con el fin de que las necesidades se encuentren solventadas, además de realizar las articulaciones pertinentes con otras organizaciones y redes.

Cocina (Mente): Órgano Operativo con la Autoridad para Gestionar, Administrar y Comunicar, al POP, bajo la Dirección del Consejo y de la Asamblea General, según se acuerde en cada caso. se conforma por Representantes (3E) de los 9 Holones Principales Idealmente, 1  Focalizador, 1 Líder Operativo y 1 Secretario x Holon

Consejo Corazón: Órgano con la Autoridad para Mantener el Rumbo Acordado. Tod@ aquel que sea ReConocid@ por SaBer, ComPrender, Re-ConoSer & ManTener La Visión. 

Holon: Órgano Autónomo para Activar ciertas Iniciativas o Acciones aprobadas por los statutos. Los Holones se conforman por personas que tienen al menos un Rol o Actividad dentro de ellos. Los Holones o Esferas: se conforman por los personas de cualquier Red Proyecto u Organización

Familiares de la Red: Quien se siente parte de la Familia pero que no tiene un rol específico activo dentro ni una membresía oficial Pero tal vez está o estuvo activo a través de algún proyecto específico o participó de algún Encuentro de la Red.

Clusters Territoriales: Redes/Cluster Autónomos que ayudan Articular proyectos y procesos Locales, con otros proyectos afines con la Red BioRegional o nacional.
No necesitan ser parte de la estructura Global (enfoque geográfico diferente)

Glocal Eco NetWork

Our dream looks like a Grand Global EcoVillage

We are one undivided whole on Earth and the healing of Mother Earth is a joint responsibility of all Humankind. The song tells us how we need to redefine our western worldview into a more holistic one and find a new vision for the future.

The vision is for all people to live in settlements containing all elements of society much like a holograph, where every part contains the whole. Plant and animal systems reflect this manifold/variety. Everything in the larger society and in nature may be experienced within walking distance by children, the aged and the weak, so that they may live full lives. It is a place where God feels at home and where you would like to return in you next life. It is a place where we live according to the values of the major world religions of love, peace and solidarity with all. Where we celebrate and respect 4 billion years of evolution on the planet.

As more and more fully featured ecovillages appear, we hope that the idea will quickly spread all over the planet as a morphogenetic field and restore the circulatory systems on all levels both in people and in nature. The ecovillage vision has its roots in civil society, in the subsistence economy, in the informal economy. It is thus a feminine utopia and a community utopia, saying: this is how we want to live with each other, our children, the elderly and the handicapped; this is how we want to live with the natural world, plants and animals. This is how we want to reinvent ourselves as humans. “We are not a collection of objects but a community of subjects” with the words of Thomas Berry. Economics and technology must adapt to that – not the other way round. In this way society can be structured to reflect spiritual and natural laws.


¿What is the Main Aim & Purpose?

CoCreate an AlterNATIVE Integrall EcoSystem

​Ancient Knowledge for a New Humanity – The Time is Crucial

​​​This new global civilization, in the process of emerging, is only possible when the voices, the wisdom, and the vision of indigenous peoples as the original «keepers of the land» are justly and respectfully represented and whose ancient wisdom is truly heard, understood and acted upon by all members of the Human Family.

​In this crucial time in human history we need to come to the understanding that the wisdom and knowledge of the elders  around the planet is now needed in guiding us into a new civilization.


The FOUR WORLDS INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE, established in 1982 and the FOUR WORLDS INTERNATIONAL IMPACT FUND*, supported by 78 million First Nations Peoples is led and guided by Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. 

Gaia Union (TWU) was started in Dec 2007 with the central idea creating a platform for various spiritual leaders hailing from different schools of thought. The first National Conference on Spiritual Science boasted the presence of eminent and internationally acclaimed people from all over the world. The Chairman of THE WORLD UNITED is Mr D R Karthikeyan, who is a Former CBI Director and former Director General of National Human Rights Commission. Janet Attwood who is the co-founder of the #1 online transformational magazine in the world, Healthy Wealthy n Wise, serves as the President of this foundation. The Secretary is Dr. Yugandhar G. R. who is a General Surgeon & a Spiritual Teacher.

Gaia Union (TWU) has been evolving in the past 2 years catering to the spiritual needs of the people by way of organizing 3 National Conferences, 3 International Conferences , many workshops and symposiums etc. It has taken up the grand task of 1st World Parliament on Spirituality with the main goal of showcasing vast number of spiritual schools of thought and demonstrating to the masses how similar they all are in their teachings and philosophies.

Till date what has been done

 Since Dec 2007, THE WORLD UNITED is emerging as a connecting medium for various spiritual teachers and institutions, doctors & healers who are practicing various modalities of treatment, many trainers related to body-mind and spirit, at a regional, national and also international arenas under the able guidance of Shri Kaarthikeyan and Janet Attwood. Various Enlightened Summits are conducted in places like Tiruvannamalai, Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi etc and many are coming up across the country. Apart from that various CMSE’s ( Continued Medico-Spiritual Education ) programmes have been conducted across the country and one is coming up in Duke’s University, USA. TWU is also focusing to make spirituality as a base in fields like Business & Management, Education, Leadership, Good Governance, Environment, Bio-Diversity etc . by way of creating various symposiums.


A New Global Civilization WILL BE MANIFEST when there is a shared commitment to placing the COMMON GOOD ahead of any national, ethnic, religious, or selfish interests. The full consciousness and acceptance of the ONENESS of the HUMAN FAMILY is the FUNDAMENTAL prerequisite for the reorganization and administration of the world as one and to establish PEACE ON EARTH.

​The concept and understanding of the Oneness of Humankind, deeply anchored in all 1st Nations Teachings, is a SPIRITUAL TRUTH that all the human SCIENCES including Quantic Phisics, Biology, Antroposophi, Anthropology, Agronomy, Physiology, and Psychology now has confirmed.

That our vision is not pure utopia can be illustrated by much of the information on this site and related links. The vision is, in fact, slowly manifesting all over the world with millions of participants and with the wind of inevitability behind it. 

Join Hands for this Urgent and Relevant MiSiOn!

More HiStories & Profecies

The Hoop of Many Hoops

“Then a Voice said: ‘Behold this day, for it is yours to make. Now you shall stand upon the center of the earth to see, for there they are taking you.’ I was still on my bay horse, and once more I felt the riders of the west, the north, the east, the south, behind me, as before, and we were going east. I looked ahead and saw the mountains there with rocks and forests on them, and from the mountains flashed all colors upward to the heavens.

Then I was standing on the highest mountain of them all, and round about beneath me was the whole hoop of the world. And while I stood there, I saw more than I can tell and I understood more than I saw; for I saw in a sacred manner the shapes of all things in the spirit, and the shape of all shapes as they must live together like one being.

And I saw that the sacred hoop of my people was one of many hoops that made one circle, wide as daylight and as starlight, and in the center grew one mighty flowering tree to shelter all the children of one mother and one father. And I saw that it was holy.

Then as I stood there, two men were coming from the east, head first like arrows flying, and between them rose the daybreak star. They came and gave an herb to me and said: «With this on earth you shall undertake anything and do it.»

It was the Daybreak-Star herb, the herb of understanding, and they told me to drop it on the earth. I saw it falling far, and when it struck Mother Earth, it rooted and grew and flowered, four blossoms on one stem, a black, a white, a scarlet, and a yellow. The rays from these streamed upward to the heavens so that all creatures saw it and in no place was there darkness.”

– Heȟáka Sápa, Black Elk, Oglala Lakota, Oceti Sakowin

Vision Goals
  • To see a New World free from disease and suffering
  • To reduce the frictions existing between various Individuals, Groups and Nations
  • To establish a 100 member Global Spiritual Leadership Council which will conduct similar World Parliaments once in every 4 years in some or other country

Join hands for this urgent global task Being an associate/partner of this highly educative and enlightening event would be very much soul-satisfying and also a most valuable and respectable contribution to the people of the world at large



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