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Alegria Village

Gaia Union

noviembre 15, 2020

Alegría Village is an intergenerational community dedicated to best practices in regenerative living and design.

Nestled on 170 acres of fertile farmland, Alegría will include extensive permaculture food forests with thousands of fruit trees, edible community gardens, and reforestation along the creeks.

We are pollinators, planters, protectors, committed to living a lifestyle that heals not hurts the natural ecosystem around us. We are good neighbours, we are good friends. Together we support our children, our elders, our mothers, our fathers. We are an interconnected, interdependent community, looking out for the health and happiness of the collective village.

We all share a vision for a thriving regenerative future and each of us, with our diverse skills, backgrounds and contributions, are integral to the realization of this dream. The way forward is inclusive, collaborative, just, evolutionary, revolutionary. And we all show up for the revolution.

We radically question everything and design and implement better solutions for a thriving world. We are activists, aiming to inspire small changes, governmental changes, global changes. It our privilege to ask, how can we offer support to our human, animal and plant relations? We are here on this planet to serve.

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