Gaia Union

A Purpose-driven Platform
Building Bridges for the Planet Earth
CoCreating a Concious Global Humanity

Gaia Union

We are a platform for people driven by a simple purpose, making our planet a better place for all. Our Vision is achieving a sustainable way of living supporting systemic change moving from the current competition-like model into a new paradigm based on cooperation. Our Mission is providing the tools to connect individuals to purpose
by co-creating conscious communities


Easy-to-access and easy-to-use tools understanding our footprint to make a difference.

Reconect with nature

Embracing change as a way of transformation to reconnect to our planet.

Everyone is Welcome

A network of people connecting, promoting and facilitating cross-border cooperation for collective impact

Follow the GAIA Path

Any of this resonate? Meet GAIA, Global Awakening Interconnected Alliance, is the Natural Way of Co-creating in harmony, It’s the GAIA Path. Whether you want to raise awareness, looking for inspiration or willing to contribute, the Gaia Path is a channel merging personal and professional duality into ONE PERSONA fulfilling your purpose to make a difference


ACCESS TO GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE. A step by step Guide of how you can transfrom your daily life and a Bio Dictionary to understand concepts towards a Consciuos & Sustainable Life


In a Great Directory & Library with amazing Projects & «Products» and their inspiring stories that are creating EcoLogical Social and Cultural Positive ImpAct!


GLOBAL CALL to pass from Independance to InterdepenDance!
Call to Action for  persons, initiatives and organizations to become part of a holistic, collaborative, & integrated network 


Become a Concious Loving & Living Being, trascending the ego towards a sustainable interdependant way of Life connected to
a Greater Porpuse.

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